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My passion for art began from an early age in Cuba. Since the year 2000, I started creating my first designs and intended on establishing myself as a tattoo artist. Working from home, I gained experience and knowledge each time my needles touched skin. 21 years later, I still find myself as passionate with my craft, if not more.


In 2015, I immigrated the United States, the country of opportunity, which opened new doors, machines and ability that led me to my enrichment and path to expertise for realism in black and gray. With my hard work, passion, and determination, I have had the ability to win multiple awards and create a name for myself in the tattoo realm.


Desiring to develop, train, and further myself and other artists professionally, I have opened the doors to my tattoo shop, Ink Castle Tattoo Studio. I am so grateful to all of our clients who trust us to bring their dreams to life. I hope to continue increasing my ability, reaching new heights a an artist, and to do what I love most, to leave a piece of my art on skin. 

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