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I was born in Bogota, Colombia and was first introduced into the world of tattooing at the age of 15. I began by body piercing and in 2003 became very interested in tattooing and body art in general. I began apprenticing, making strong connections, and developing myself professionally as an artist. I found myself very attracted to _ designs, skulls, and animated designs with many colors. 


In 2005, I officially apprenticed with Andrés niño, learning techniques by observing his work and maintaining shop cleanliness. After a few months, I began traveling to meet different artists and began tattooing in different studios all over Latin America. I also participated in different tattoo conventions that brought me to my work in the United States. Here in the US, I had the opportunity to tattoo next to incredible artists and now I am honored to work alongside Rey here at Ink Castle Tattoo. 

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